your never ever land
never ever land
the names june and welcome to my blog. You'll find things from sex, to drugs and even things pop or vintage, you'll find things that will touch your heart. the day i was placed on this earth was april 27 1995, i made this blog not just to express myself but in hopes others may enjoy. if you have questions just ask!!
Hey, how've you been lately? Your blog rocks(:

i have been having a few rough spots in my life currently but other than that im making it :) thank you.

To hang out with people guys or anybody else


Do you do meth if so they can hit ki

Lol no. I don’t do meth.

Today was that day

I realized as time comes and goes so will MOST of your feelings. Untill you revisit old memories and dig all of your old feelings up.

I run out of things to think and to say to you and I just feel like im slowly running out of space in your heart and I as I feel myself get closer I feel myself get deeper and I just dont wanna get so lost finding my way in that I wont know my way back and then im afraid ill just lose myself all over again. Im afraid ill never feel that way again. Its strong and suffocating, its like oil in my lungs. I feel like im losing myself in thoughts of you, I dream about when we lived togther and I have kept that memory deep in a place thats in the backof mind cause I was afraid of revisiting it for this reason. Youre the only person that has ever brought this much of a light into my dark life. I get so lost.. when im around you my thoughts are finally okay and in line. Its so easy to be happy with you, to get out the car and know youre gonna be there when I come back. I feel this weird warm shiver shoot down my spine and i feel my heart pick up a few paces. I miss feeling you the way we used too. You make everything okay again. I can take a breath, then I feel myself not fade as much. I feel like youre this amazing person that I just wanna be with and give myself to every day. Thats how I felt today. And im afraid to never feel that way again.

"I kissed you as hard as I could and whispered “I love you” in your ear and I smiled and then I told you that I wished I had never met you and I could see the confusion and hurt dripping down your face from the furrow in your brow. You asked why and I told you that you were etched into my bones and mixed in with the blood in my veins. Your voice was caught in the sky and your laugh was intertwined with the stars. I was a wreck before I met you. I think you saved me. I was on fire and you put me out. I was falling apart and you laced me back together. I taste you on my tongue. I see you in my sleep. But we’re young and in love and we both know that never really lasts. You’re going to meet someone prettier and nicer and smarter who finds that spot on your neck, where you love to be kissed, on your second date. And you’re going to love her. And I’ll slip from your mind, but you’ll always be in mine. Or maybe you won’t meet someone else. But you’ll find yourself thinking about other things before you fall asleep, things that have nothing to do with me and the color of my eyes. And you’ll start to realize that you really hate the way I laugh too loud and how I curl my hair around my finger when I’m nervous. You’ll get tired of finding me on the bathroom floor and cleaning blood from the sheets. The things you loved about me will get twisted in your mind, they’ll fade away and make your skin itch. You’ll get sick of it all and leave. Or maybe, we’re so in love that that could never happen. But something will happen. I’ll meet your mother and she’ll see that my dress is too short and that I’m not good enough for you and she’ll introduce you to her friend’s daughter, the one with a scholarship, who has glasses and pretty hair and volunteers at the animal shelter every thursday for 6 am to 12 pm. Or maybe you’ll get into college on the other side of the country. You’ve always liked warm weather. And I’ll stay here because we both know I’m not good with change. You’re the only thing that makes me happy but this is bound to end and the fire will start again and I’ll fall apart like I used to. I can’t breathe without you. I’m just waiting for the day my lungs cave in on themselves."
I wish I had never met you  (via extrasad)