your never ever land
never ever land
the names june and welcome to my blog. You'll find things from sex, to drugs and even things pop or vintage, you'll find things that will touch your heart. the day i was placed on this earth was april 27 1995, i made this blog not just to express myself but in hopes others may enjoy. if you have questions just ask!!
Your blog is almost an exact copy of all the things that have gone through my mind... ≧stay rad≦

Thank you I’m glad I can fulfill your thoughts

A beautiful stoner girl? That's awesome 😍😍.

Awe! Thank you! Very much appreciated 👌💯

Hey, how've you been lately? Your blog rocks(:

i have been having a few rough spots in my life currently but other than that im making it :) thank you.

To hang out with people guys or anybody else


Do you do meth if so they can hit ki

Lol no. I don’t do meth.

Today was that day

I realized as time comes and goes so will MOST of your feelings. Untill you revisit old memories and dig all of your old feelings up.